Owning a car takes a lot of your money and life investments but what if it ruins just by not giving it proper care. Some people wash their car with water and detergent soap by themselves, some get it a wash it once or twice a month and even some people do not even care about it at all. Researchers analyze that most people are avoiding car washing at the service center because there might be a chance that your car is not in a safe place or it might be too much expensive to get a wash at the service center. But we have also solved this problem.

Ultimate guide step by step

This article is jam-packed with car cleaning step by step and it is going to be the ultimate guide for cleaning your car so you can be cleaning your car by yourself with a pressure washer at home.

Step 1: get a compatible pressure washer for your car

Before purchasing a pressure washer you must know the PSI(pressure per square inch) and GPM(gallons of water per minute). PSI is the power of the pressure that hits on your car when water is released from the pressure washer and GMP is the quantity of water used in a minute. Usually, cars required 1900-2800 cleaning units which is the combination of GPM x PSI.

Step 2: Find the best place to park your car

When you have got your ideal pressure washer it is good to keep your car in an open place such as a street or driveway because it will keep you safe from the water pressure and if you are using an electric power washer. You must be sure that you are close enough to the outlet so you can control the water easily while washing.

Step 3: Rinse your car

Just like all the washings it also begins with the rinse. The rinse will keep the dust and debris off the car and your car would get wet and ready to be cleanup. But do not directly put water pressure on the car make sure all the windows and doors are closed and water cannot reach the interior of the car. It is recommended to check the pressure first on the ground or floor.

Step 4: Apply detergent to your car

Most pressure washers have their detergents therefore it is best to clean the car with a detergent that is compatible with your pressure washer. Pressure washing detergents come in a concentrated state so before applying the detergent to your car you have to dilute it up by water. Pour the detergent and water in the container and mix well after mixing apply this diluted detergent by hand with the cloth and if it comes with a rubbing pad is best to use it.

Step 5: Rinse detergent off of the car

Now when you have applied the detergent successfully rinse the detergent off the car keeping the pressure tip at 45°. Rinse the car thoroughly from upside down.

Now you have washed your car successfully. You can dry it by using a dry towel or simply let it. And now you don’t have to spend your money and time washing your car.


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