According to research, the world will ship more than 250 million laptops. That figure shows the dire need for laptops worldwide. The most popularly needed is the intel core i7 laptop. Since their inception in the 20th century, laptops have become more than popular amongst computer literates – both old and young. Everyone wants that portable piece that can travel anywhere with them and have them work on the go. Laptops have been growing in popularity globally, but so have the brands. Different laptop brands have come up with different laptop designs to suit the needs of the users and elevate their brand name.

Therefore, when you need a laptop, you have a range of options across different brands. What should influence your choice the most is the need for the laptop. Do you want to use a laptop for basic school work? Or are you a programmer or gamer that needs a laptop that works like a machine? The need for your laptop will influence the specifications and features you want in your laptop. You may still get confused about the brand to choose even when you have your specifications. In our opinion, we believe that the Honor Magic book 2021 model. We won’t leave without giving you reasons for our choice. Keep reading to find out why you should buy the Honor Magicbook as your next Intel Core i7 Laptop.

Why is The Honor Magic book 14 2021 model The Best?

You have many options when choosing a laptop for whatever purpose. But here are some of the reasons to choose the Honor magic book 14 2021 model.

The portability

Before now, anyone who wanted to use a computer would get their desktop and use it. The world was so convenient with desktops, but they had one problem, power. A desktop will do every function you need it to do, but it works directly with power. If there is anything wrong with your power source, the device goes off, causing you to lose files and other information. A solution was created known as the UPS to ensure that the device does not go off. However, the UPS usually deteriorated over time, and it was too heavy to carry around, for a desktop that already has a monitor, CPU, and keyboard. That is where the advent of laptops began. The laptops in the past used to be bigger, but the Honor Magic book is another definition of portability. This laptop’s thickness is less than 16mm and it weighs is 1.35kg. This enables you to conveniently carry your laptop to different places, regardless of the location.

Great design

The design and aesthetics of your laptop is very important. The appearance of the laptop says a lot about the user. The Honor Magicbook Laptop uses the finest aluminum to give your laptop a shiny surface that hardly gets rough.

An amazing display that remains user friendly

There are many reasons to own a laptop. You may be a graphics designer or a software developer. Irrespective of the reasons for owning a laptop, the display is very important. Some laptops have great displays, but these displays may affect you. On the other hand, the Honor Magicbook has a full view display with bezels of 4.8mm² at both top corners.

Quick charging

The idea of a laptop is to have your device work without connecting to power. This is very possible with the Honor Magic book. However, even when your battery goes flat, you do not need to wait for a long while until you can charge the battery. The battery charges up to 44% within thirty minutes. Moreso, it uses the contemporary type C charger, so you can charge both your phone and laptop on the go.


The information in this guide should solve your puzzle on the best core i7 laptop to buy.


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