Football is all about the fashion. From the moment the players walk out on to the field in their signature outfits and cleats, you are always on the lookout for new ways to wear your favorite jersey, whether that’s a game day party or to cover up an ugly work outfit.

More people are wearing sports jerseys these days. Everything is different except for the jersey itself. Wearing a jersey makes you stand out from your peers but no one wants to be that guy that stands out too much.

It doesn’t matter whether you wear a Chicago Bulls jersey or a miami heat jersey pink, looking good is an essential part of the game. It’s easy to wear a jersey. Here are some tips on how you can wear your jersey in style to appear more fashionable.

Wear It with Jeans and Sneakers

You don’t want to look like a football player when you’re out of uniform. So instead of wearing athletic shorts or sweatpants, try out this casual look by pairing your jersey with jeans and sneakers. A pair of sunglasses will complete the look.

Wear It with a Suit Jacket

A suit jacket can be worn over any outfit, including a jersey. If you have multiple jerseys at home then you should definitely consider having one of them tailored so that it fits perfectly over top of your suit jacket. This is also perfect for those who work in an office setting because it will make you look professional without compromising on comfortability.

Wear It Under Another Shirt

If you want to dress up your jersey then try out this simple trick by wearing another shirt underneath your jersey so that only the collar can be seen from where it meets with the neckline of your shirt. This gives off the illusion that you’re wearing formal attire but with an extra touch of casualness from wearing something comfortable underneath such as cotton t-shirt or polo.

Add Accessories

You can always add accessories like belts, necklaces and even hats to your jersey. This will give it a fresh look and make it stand out from all the other jerseys people are wearing at the game or at school.

Make Sure It Fits Well

A perfectly fitting jersey is essential when trying to look fashionable with it because it makes all the difference in how the outfit looks overall. If your shirt doesn’t fit properly then it could make things worse by making you look sloppy or unkempt!


Once you’ve established how to wear a jersey in style, never forget to pay attention to other aspects of your outfit. Your jewelry, shoes, and any other accessories should be kept minimal to provide balance in your outfit. And remember that the best way for you to determine what looks good on you is to experiment with different styles and colors.

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