The idea and process of large format scanning are completely different from regular scanning. Not every scanner created can scan a large format document easily. Some scanners are specifically created to scan small documents from A4 sizes to even smaller sizes. On the other hand, the large-sized document also requires scanning. In most cases, large format scanning is the reason scanning is so much a big deal today. Large Format Documents are always important documents that require multiple copies and a scanned copy to keep safe. For instance, let’s assume some soldiers are trying to go on a rescue mission in some unknown location. They will need a map to move and navigate that location correctly. But they can not hold only one copy. Holding one map copy is an unwise decision they can’t make. Even after holding multiple copies, they can not rely on them because anything can happen along the way. That is why the people in the control room from their base need to have a scanned copy of their map to ensure they still have a way around. Documents of large formats are usually more delicate and require scanning.

Scanning these document types requires skill. Of course, if you have been scanning your phone for some time, you will have some confidence to take your phone. But in most cases, your phone’s camera may not capture the whole document. And when it does, it means you have taken the picture from a distance. Hence, you will not find the important details anymore. Instead, there are better ways to scan the large format document. You can use a phone, but you need to be technical. This article is your guide to scanning large format documents.

Hire professional scanning services

The easiest way to Scan a large format document is by hiring a professional scanning contractor. These people have the required experience to Scan whatever format because it is their job. Even if they have never scanned that type of document in the past, they can take this as a new challenge. Now, because they have hands-on experience with what a good scanned result is, they will bring a good job back as your result. This option may sound annoying for most DIY enthusiasts, but it is the best.

Contract to an office supply contractor

Office supply contractors are all over the place. Yes, they are the best at providing offices with the required stationeries to use. But the fact that their main job is not scanning does not make them ignorant about it. When they do not have a scanner to work with your job, they know the best possible option to help you fix your job.

Buy a large front scanner (usually flatbed)

This option will cost you a lot of money because large front scanners are usually expensive. But it is the best option if you will be scanning a lot of documents of this size. All you need do is choose a reputable brand, then do the following;

  • Set highest resolution
  • Scan each page by page
  • Check each scanned page result
  • Edit and combine images


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