Considering the highly demanding and stressful nature of modern life, a majority of people in the know choose to turn to a massage therapy in an attempt to minimize pains and aches in various spots around the body. For users who cannot afford to visit professional massage parlors regularly, there are alternative options recommended and encouraged by health professionals: handheld percussion massagers. These are unique devices designed to aid users in attaining their long-term health and wellness goals as well as helping them to save money in the long run. At the same time, the best percussion massager can provide numerous health benefits, including muscle relaxation and pleasure. There are numerous brands offering percussion massagers, and users need to pick the correct brand based on their unique needs and demands. It is also advisable for users to learn as much as they can about the best percussion massagers in the market. Let’s focus on understanding the differences between percussion massage treatment and vibration therapy.

Percussive Massage Treatment Vs Vibration Therapy Techniques

Plenty of MMA and fitness videos available on the Internet today show different percussion massage devices that accelerate the recovery process after strenuous exercise while promoting the wellbeing of various muscle groups around the body. The best percussion massagers are billed as capable of providing relief from pains and aches brought on by the demands of daily living as well as intense physical and athletic training. A quick recovery from hard exercise is a requirement for a sustainable, healthy, and happy emotional and physical life.

Percussive therapy is a technique that mainly involves force application, done to a specific body part that is currently under treatment. A noted benefit of percussive massage therapy is the ability to reach the deeper muscle groups, up to 60% more efficiently. In this situation, a human being’s brain is not able to adjust to such intense stimulation because the percussion massagers only make intermittent contact with the skin surfaces.

On the other hand, vibration therapy involves the use of specialized devices that generate vibration motions and focus this motion on either one specific body part or the entire body. Localized vibration therapy techniques require the use of vibration guns that are placed on the skin, generating a pleasant sensation on the body’s surface. In contrast, whole-body vibration therapy requires the use of specialized vibrating platforms that can be quite expensive and difficult to obtain. Vibration therapy has the distinct advantages of promoting whole-body recovery from pains and aches, as well as causing the involuntary relaxation of tense muscle groups.


The best percussion massager is perfectly capable of relieving pains and aches around the body after long 5 to 9 workdays or intense workouts. Despite conceptual similarities, percussion massage therapy is distinctly different from vibration therapy. After an entire day of sitting at a desk, necks can become stressful and tense, accompanied by lower back pains. Good percussion massagers utilize strong vibration that hits deep tissue to relieve muscle soreness and eliminate shoulder, neck, and back pain.


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