Have you been to a homestead or a fancy place for vacation and enjoyed the amazing moments in a well-maintained swimming pool? Maybe you are wondering how these swimming pools remain in perfect conditions every season to serve the required purposes. Well, one of the pieces of equipment that helps keep water in these swimming pools under the perfect temperatures is the aquark heat pump. Most swimming pool owners have well-installed heating systems put in place to ensure the waters are at appropriate temperatures always.

During the swimming pool construction process, experts always suggest that you install the heat pump so as to keep the pool in perfect condition and enable the users to enjoy it to the maximum. Like any other technology, the swimming pool heating technology keeps evolving and taking new and improved measures. The latest and most preferred is the inverter pool heating technology, which is adjustable to every season.
So, are you wondering about the components that make up a pool heat pump? Or the different uses you can use with a pool heat pump? Well, read through this article as you gain more knowledge on this high-tech equipment.

Components of The Inverter Pool Heat Pump.

An inverter pool pump isn’t a piece of simple equipment; it has different sections that enhance its performance. The different parts include:

Evaporator- Its purpose is to convert the refrigerant into gas under low pressure.

Inverter- This is the powerful section of this tool as it operates as a storage of the energy used to power the whole pool heater.

Extraction valve- The extraction valve enhances the refrigerant’s pressure reduction. It is the center for adjusting the pressure for the refrigerant.

Refrigerant- The entire system is involved with the heating process. As a result, it requires a refrigerant for regulation purposes and to make the system complete.

Fan/blower- The fan helps in cooling the refrigerant before restarting.

The compressor – This one helps to compress the refrigerant to high temperature and high pressure in a gas state.

Condenser- Is responsible for condensing the refrigerant into a semi-gaseous and semi-liquid state.

Different ways to use Pool Heat Pumps

Just like any other heat pump, these pool pumps function by pumping heat to the nearby environment, then absorbing the cool atmosphere and channeling the heat generated to the atmosphere.

Note: This pool heater isn’t restricted to swimming pools only; you can use them in varied ways, as explained below.

Halls and rooms

Apart from the regular room heaters, these pool pumps can function well in the room. When installing, the process is the same as in the case of the swimming pool. However, when used in the rooms, the condenser is always installed in the hall or in the room, but the other parts are set outside.


As an owner of a swimming pool, you deserve a tool that will keep water temperatures regulated always. It is a perfect idea to ensure you understand the pool heater well and the different sections effectively so as the have a smooth experience with it.


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