Vaping is a modern trend nowadays. Although, primarily, vaping was thought as harmful as smoking. However, various research studies have proved that the opposite is true. It has been observed that vaping helps people quit smoking.

A study in 2019 found that about 67% of smokers who started vaping gave up smoking. In addition, vaping also helps to deal with emotional issues. Moreover, it is less expensive and harmful than conventional tobacco intake.

The popularity of vaping devices has opened a potential market for vape brands. Despite the spiking number of manufacturers, one product has gripped the entire market. These are the Caliburn Pod Systems from UWELL. But why must you buy them in the first place? Here is the answer!

6 Reasons Why Caliburn Series Bests Other Products

Below are why you should consider buying the Caliburn vapes instead of other products.

Innovative Designs

Ordinary exteriors are not the primary preferences of a vaper. Most of them try to get the rarest style available. The Caliburn series is solely designed upon this preference. Therefore, each model has its unique classy appearance and color variations.

For instance, the two popular models, Caliburn A3 and Caliburn X come in 6 different colors. Moreover, the two models have entirely different exteriors.

Larger Liquid Cartridges

Smaller cartridges can ruin your vaping experience like nothing else. However, observing the issue prevailing in other products, Caliburn decided to resolve it by providing larger cartridges. Most models in the series have at least a 2 ml cartridge capacity.

Fast Charging

Efficiency is the ultimate need of all modern-day devices. Therefore, all the Caliburn models feature fast charging. Type-C charging is provided to ensure minimal recharge time.

Some models require as less as 15 minutes to charge. So, if you forget to charge your vape system before, you can quickly charge it at the last minute without running late.


Falls and scratches are inevitable when you are talking about carriable vaping devices. Hence, to prevent damages, there is an inbuilt scratch and fall resistance in the systems. It is a handy feature as most competitive products cannot ensure fall resistance.

Precise Vapor Controlling

Vapor controlling is a function only a few manufacturers can ensure. Luckily, the UWELL Caliburn series is one of them. The atomizers of the models start when you press the ignition button and abruptly stop when you let go.

The real-time starting and stopping of the atomizer help attain the precise vapor amount you want.

Locking Features

Who can prevent accidental spills or turn-ons? After observing the common problems, the Caliburn series has incorporated the best security features in its designs.

Some models have integrated ignition buttons that prevent the device from turning on in your bag. At the same time, others have stand-alone locking buttons to prevent the device from accidentally starting.

Easy Refilling

Most vapers dread refilling because there are significant chances of spilling the e-liquid. However, with Caliburn, you won’t have to worry. The series mainly includes models with drip tips to allow easy refills.

Magnetic Pod Connections

The liquid cartridge snaps in with the pod system in a conventional pod system. These are handier when your product is new. However, snap-in cartridges may become loose over time, causing the e-liquid to spill. Caliburn vapes use the magnetic cartridge and base connection, so the system stays secure throughout its use.


Caliburn vape systems are the most demanded products from UWELL. And the reasons discussed above illustrate why this is so. These vapes are a go-to when you want economy, efficiency, and security. The innovative designs magnificently blend in with all settings.

Moreover, they are super-easy to use and provide precise vaping. They make an ideal pick for both beginners and expert vapers. Lastly, their fast charging and damage resistance win them more user stars than other vapes.


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