Building an online business is expensive.

Aside from the basics—creating your website, designing your product page, and spending on marketing—there’s the monthly payment of hosting service and other running costs. It’s a never-ending investment, and your success is not guaranteed. This is one of the reasons why e-commerce startups will do anything they can to reduce cost.

For example, outsourcing skilled freelance writers is not a priority for many digital entrepreneurs. They know that content is king, mind you. They just have a tiny budget, which they prefer to spend on designing a fancy logo than on publishing persuasive web copies or informative blog posts.

But that’s a big problem because writing is a special gift.

Being a CEO of a thriving SaaS company doesn’t make you a professional writer.

Being a founder of a profitable e-commerce business doesn’t make you a skilled content writer.

Being a manager of a successful blog doesn’t make you a talented freelance blog post writer.  

Your success as a business owner depends on your smart decision-making, not on your thrift spending. And one of the smartest decisions you can take, as an Internet entrepreneur, is to outsource the service of a freelance writer.

Let’s explore the reasons why…

4 Reasons for Outsourcing a Skilled Freelance Writer

Forget about what you’ll spend.

To grow your business to world-class, you need to outsource a freelance writer. The goal here is to have an experienced writer that will help with your content writing needs. Partner with a skilled content creator that will keep producing epic articles, blog posts, and web copies that keeps your readers coming for more.

Generally, you should outsource an online writer because:

1) You’re not a great writer. You need a professional hand to help you win your readers and convert your prospects into paying customers.

2) You don’t have time. Save time by allowing a freelancer to take care of your content marketing needs. Focus on other things.

3) You don’t know the ins and outs of content marketing.

4) You don’t want to publish poor posts, spend years without gaining any traction, and die in poverty. Hire a freelance writer to help you grow.

Below, I’ve gone into more detail on each point.

You’re not a great writer.

Everyone can write.

This is what a lot of us believe.  Even veteran writers believe so. I’ve read a lot of such statements on popular writing blogs, professional writers telling their readers that “if you can write an email to a friend, then you can write.”

As an e-commerce startup, you can write an email. You can also write a report and even a long-form draft of your business goals. “So, why should I waste my money to hire a freelance writer?” you ask. “As a startup, I should be saving money, not spending it on unnecessary projects.” 

Yes, you should know how to write emails and reports and business plans. You might even be good at writing all of these. But these are all basic form of writing.

At least, you’re not sharing them with the world. And that’s okay. But when it comes to building your business online, you need more than email writing skills to compete with millions of your competitors.

To do that, you need to be a great writer.

  • You need to be a skilled wordsmith
  • You need to be a master of your own craft.
  • You need to be able to bend words to your will, to persuade your readers, inspire them to take action.

And that’s not an easy skill, of course. It takes time to build that skill, just as it takes time to build any other skill.

The smart and effective strategy, therefore, is to outsource the service of a great freelance writer to help grow. Unfortunately, most businesses don’t pay much attention to this fact. They handle their content on their own.

Or assign the content writing job to their admin or IT staff simply because they believe that “everyone can write.” It’s no surprise that, despite the many websites and blogs we have on the web today, only a few are worth reading. The others are just a bunch of fake work.

That’s why businesses are investing in content marketing year after year as this chart illustrates.

Just pause for a moment and reflect:

Of all the many blogs in your niche, how many of those do you bookmark, read, and share their posts? Not so much, baby. You’ll have to admit it. Not so much. 

If you’re serious about growing your online business—faster—you have to publish only great content on your site. And unless you write for a living, you can’t publish great content on your site. You have to look for expert writers to help you out.

But what if you can write pretty well?

Well, even if you can write well, time may not be on your side.

Let me explain…  

You don’t have more than 24 hours.

About seven years ago, I launched my freelance writing business.

At first, I started offering freelance writing services, such as:

  • Article writing service,
  • Blog post writing service,
  • Ghostwriting service, and
  • Guest post writing service.

But after a year, I saw the need to teach others, especially young aspiring writers from my home country—Nigeria—how to launch their freelance writing business and live a financially independent life. So I launched WriteLearnEarn Basic, a program that teaches aspiring writers how to write while earning money along the way.

I love the program because it inspired a lot of newbie writers. But the work involved was hectic. I managed everything from editing tons of articles for my students to helping them with article ideas to handling the administrative tasks.

I thought since I’m a writer and just starting up, I could handle it myself. But I was wrong. A few months into the program, I was overwhelmed with a lot of tasks on my head.

I just couldn’t handle all the workload. I was not productive. I would have a bulk list of things to cover in a day but couldn’t finish even half of the tasks, and I’d end my day dejected and disappointed.

I managed to run the program for a year. But finally, I quit the program entirely. Why? Because it was such a drowning, time-consuming job.

At first, I started questioning my ability as a writer and entrepreneur. Later, I understood the reason why I couldn’t handle all of these tasks, why I barely finished half of my tasks in a day. And that’s because I only have 24 hours in a day. And with all of this burden and workload, I couldn’t do it all by myself.

If you try to do it all by yourself, you’ll lose energy and passion. You’ll stab your business program in the chest—just like I did. You’ll quit. The smartest thing to do?

Just focus on what you do best. Handle the tasks that you have less or no idea about, such as content marketing.

You have no idea how content marketing really works.

You may be a great writer.

You may be an organized CEO.

You may even have in-house IT experts and other employees helping you to build your business.

You may have the support you need…Yet, you need to outsource experienced freelance writers. Because there is a staggering difference between writing and online writing.

For example, the New York Times bestsellers are professional writers. But they may not be professional online writers. And the reason why?

To be a professional online writer, you must know how content marketing works. And not all writers know how content marketing works.

So here’s my point:

To grow your online business, you need more than writing skills to stand out. You need to be a great content marketing superstar, which takes years of learning and practice. In other words, outsourcing freelance writers are your best option.

The good news is…

Even newbie entrepreneurs with a lean budget can outsource freelance writers without breaking the bank. With vast freelance marketplaces like Upwork and job boards like ProBlogger, you can outsource excellent content creators that not only write for your online brand but help you attract your potential customers. That’s what content marketing is about.

The challenge, of course, is getting writers that get results, which means you need to take your time to hire only the best of the best. Or else… all your efforts will be in vain.

Here’s what I mean:

You don’t want to die in poverty.

The Internet is noisy.

On the one hand, you have the World Wide Web. These are the gazillion websites that pack millions of data and information and distribute millions of all kinds of products and services for you to buy.

On the other, you have the social media space. It’s a fast-paced world of young folks publishing local news, sharing their personal photos, narrating their personal stories in real time, in their own way. The stories are endless, the notifications keep coming. That makes the experience more entertaining, fun, and addictive. 

And decrease our attention span.

A study by Microsoft found that Internet user’s attention span had fallen to eight seconds, down from 12 in 2000. So…what does that mean to you—the B2B business owner? Publish super quality content that grabs reader’s attention or die in poverty.

But here’s the naked truth:

Writing super high-quality articles that grab attention is not easy. If you want to write quality articles that engage your readers, you’ve to outsource the service of smart freelance writers that will help you craft:

  • Data-driven blog posts
  • Visual content
  • Emotional articles that convert

There’s no short-cut to that. If you want to write posts that will promote your brand and earned you more money, you’ve got to hire creative writers to help you achieve that. If not, your e-commerce site is going nowhere.

You’ll die in poverty. 


As a leader who is saddled with a lot of responsibilities, you need to outsource freelance writers. These are the experts that will help you write emotional blog posts that inspire your readers.

They’ll help you publish A-class articles and how-to guides that your prospects will consume and share.

They’ll help you craft irresistible web copies that persuade, convert visitors into buyers, increase your ROI. 

You don’t have to do it alone. You delegate. You outsource experts to help you out. You manage people and resources.

That’s how you’ll win.  

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