What attracts readers to your articles? What inspires them in the first place, motivates them to focus on your content, and pushes them to click on your piece? What moves them, makes them thrilled even before they open your content, and then stirs them to start reading your article?

It’s your headline.

Research has shown that of the 8 out of 10 people who will read your headline, only 20% will read the rest of your content. So, if you want to lure Internet users into reading your post, you have to master the art of crafting compelling titles that will turn ordinary browsers into loyal readers.

Remember, your job as a writer is to get people to read your first sentence, and then move on to the next, and the next… up to the last word of your article. And that is why you don’t want to miss the first and, probably, the only chance to grab readers when they scan your copy.

Your headline needs to grab your readers’ attention and make them click on your article. If readers are not attracted to your headline, they will move on to the next activity.

So, how do you seize, snatch, and seduce your readers with your headline? Use the following tips:

6 tips for crafting catchy headlines

Here are six tips for crafting compelling headlines:

1. Understand who your audiences are.

If you don’t know who your readers are, how can you capture their attention?

As a writer, it’s important to know your readers before crafting a headline that will entice them to read on.

Study them. Try to understand who they are, what they like and what they don’t like, and what they look like. After familiarizing yourself with their pains and desires, now is the time to write a title that will target them.

To begin with, understand that you’re about to enter a promise with your readers; therefore, don’t make a promise you can’t keep – that will tarnish your credibility. Don’t make hefty claims – lest you appear too “salesy.” And don’t use wrong terms – you’ll lose readership…

Instead, tailor your headlines modestly, and wrap them with the right keywords – the very ones your readers want to hear. In other words, focus your headline around your reader’s values, goals, and desires.

2. Focus on the benefit.

Imagine a grown-up teenage girl who is disturbed with irritating pimples on her face…

She doesn’t even want to see her friends…

She’s too shy to make an appearance at school because those spots blemish her whole face.

Having applied her antiseptic soap for days with no result, the girl decides to turn to the Internet to research some quick fixes. And as she types “pimples solution” on Google, a number of web pages pop up:

1.         “How to Get Rid of Pimples Naturally”

2.         “Causes and Solutions of Pimples”

3.         “How to Make Your Acne Treatment Work”

Which headline would the desperate girl go for?

Of course, she’d click on the first title because it clearly communicates a promise – getting rid of pimples. In other words, it promises to cure her pimples… naturally.

3. Be creative.

If you want to write a sure-fire headline that will attract huge readership, you have to distinguish yourself from the crowd.


You’ve got to be unique… you’ve got to be creative.

Even if what you’re about to write is a common subject that has been extensively written about, you can still write it in a unique way and make it fresh and attractive. Understand that people want to see something different… they want to read something unique, and it’s your job, as a writer, to create an exceptional headline to arouse your reader’s interest.

Recently, Ben Settle, the brilliant copywriter, crafted a mesmerizing title that was read and shared by thousands of people on social media. Here is the headline:

“How to Sell Without Selling”

Isn’t that creative?

4. Narrow your topic.

No reader will click on a headline that focuses on a general topic when, in reality, they are looking for a specific answer to solve their problems.

No matter how broad your subject is, you can squeeze it, make it specific. To narrow down your title, focus your topic on a particular angle:

  • a problem.
  • a desire.
  • a goal…

And tailor your headline around that specific theme.

Here is an example of a specific headline:

  • “How to Dress for a Birthday Party.”

This is very specific: the headline promises to teach the prospective reader how to dress for only one occasion: a birthday party.

Compare that with this title:

  • “How to Dress Elegantly.”

This headline is a general one. It doesn’t focus on a particular dressing occasion. So, it’s less compelling than the first one.

5. Invoke a sense of urgency.

While being specific is important, adding a sense of urgency is crucial to making people read your headline and gobble your entire article.

Urgency pushes readers to act sooner than later. To induce a sense of urgency in your title, you need to include a time element, such as tomorrow, today, and now.

  • “Hot, Spicy Sausage in Manhattan for $1 Per Piece… Offer Ends Tomorrow.”

The above headline has a sense of urgency than the one below:

  • “Hot, Spicy Sausage in Manhattan for $1 Per Piece.”

If the first headline still stands, I’ll not hesitate to visit Manhattan right now and grab the spicy sausage!

6. Study other headlines that have proven results.

If you want to master the art of crafting good titles, you need to study the ones that work.

Direct response copywriters have crafted many great headlines that sold hundreds of dollars of advertising.

Some of these powerful headlines are classical, but their impact still shines today. And those who use them either directly, or with a simple tweak, still experience some great results. Take a look at some of the greatest headlines of all times:

•           Do You Make These Mistakes in English

•           They Laughed When I Sat Down at the Piano – But When I Started to Play!

•           Can You Spot These 10 Decorating Sins?

Your headline is what makes people read your article. Whether you’re a professional blogger or a newbie freelance writer, learning how to write great headlines is important for your business. Take heed of these tips to sharpen your headline writing skills and generate a tide of readers to your content.


Bonus: 50 Templates For Crafting Irresistible Headlines… In No Time


1. How to [Do a Task]


•           How to Write Compelling Articles

•           How to Withdraw Money from an ATM

•           How to Cook Delicious Cake

2. How to [Do a Task] That [Promises Rewarding Benefits]


•           How to Write Compelling Articles That Get Thousands of Readers

•           How to Start a Relationship That Ends In Marriage

•           How to Cook Delicious Pepper Soup That Your Wife Will Love

3. How to [Do/Achieve Something] and [Get Reward/Benefit]


•           How to Win Friends and Influence People

•           How to Write Well and Earn More Money

•           How to Discover Your Talent and Make Money Online

4. Leave out the “To.” How [I/You/He/Someone Achieve Something Desirable]


•           How I Make a Living from Writing

•           How Sasha Survived the Death of Her Husband

•           How I Manage to Cook Every Day

5. How [Something Insignificant] Made Me [Achieve Something Very Significant]


•           How a “Fool Stunt” Made Me a Star Salesman

•           How a Common Idea Made Me a Multi-millionaire

•           How a 5-year-old Boy Changed My Life

6. How Secure Are Your [Most Valuable Asset]


•           How Secure Are Your Online Bank Accounts?

•           How Secure Are Your Kids in a New Neighborhood?

•           How Secure Are Your Social Media Accounts?

7. [Voice a Command]


•           Learn to Write and Earn Money

•           Become a Successful Freelance Writer

•           Become a Famous Rapper in 30 Days

8. Who Else Wants a [Something Beneficial?]


•           Who Else Wants a Higher Paying Job?

•           Who Else Wants a Great Blog Design?

•           Who Else Wants a Low-Price Apartment in New York?

9. The Secret of [Something Beneficial/Favorable]?


•           The Secret of Successful Freelance Writing

•           The Secret of a Profitable Online Business

•           The Secret of Choosing a Good Partner

10. Here is a Method That is Helping [Your Target Audience] to [Benefit from Something]


•           Here is a Method That is Helping Bloggers Get More Traffic

•           Here is a Method That is Helping Job Seekers Get Jobs Faster

•           Here is a Method That is Helping Children Learn to Respect Their Parents

11. Little Known Ways to [Achieve Something]


•           Little Known Ways to Manage the Fuel in Your Generator

•           Little Known Ways to Save $50 on Your Wedding Dress

•           Little Known Ways to Boost Your Self-confidence

12. Get Rid of [Problem] Once and For All


•           Get Rid of Your Unproductive Life Once and for All

•           Get Rid of Your Car Odor Once and for All

•           Get Rid of That Ugly Scar Once and for All

13. Here’s a Quick Way to [Solve a Problem]


•           Here’s a Quick Way to Launch Your Online Business

•           Here’s a Quick Way to Stop Smoking Cigarettes

•           Here’s a Quick Way to Optimize Your Smartphone Battery

14. Now You Can Have [Something Desirable] [Great Circumstance]


•           Now You Can Write and Make More Money

•           Now You Can Make a Phone Call and Receive Facebook Messages

•           Now You Can Lose Weight While Still Eating What You Love

15. [Do Something] Like [World-Class Example]


•           Speak English Like JFK

•           Write Like Stephen King

•           Earn Money Blogging Like Darren Rowse

16. Have a [or] Build a [Something Desirable] You Can Be Proud Of


•           Build a Character You Can Be Proud of

•           Build a Website You Can Be Proud of

•           Connect With Friends You Can Be Proud of

17. What Everybody Ought to Know About [A Particular Niche]


•           What Everybody Ought to Know About Writing for the Web

•           What Everybody Ought to Know About Internet Marketing

•           What Everybody Ought to Know About Long-Distance Relationships

18. [Say/Announce Something Simply and Directly]


•           Pure Cotton Lace … 50% off

•           Brand New Dell Computer for Sale

•           Free Subscription to SuhaibMohammed.com Blog

19. [Ask a Question]


•           When Must You Say No to a Client?

•           Is Trump Truly a Democrat?

•           Is Freelance Writing Business for You?

20. [Simply State a Testimonial]


•           “The Best Article I Have Read… Ever”

•           “I Read Copyblogger Every Day”

•           “This is a Great Book!”

21. Give Me [Short Time Period] and I’ll Give You [Something Beneficial]


•           Give Me 1 Day – And I’ll Give You Great Idea That Could Change Your Life

•           Give Me 50 Minutes – And I’ll Write You a Compelling Article

•           Give Me 3 Minutes Every Day – And I’ll Make You a Better Writer

22. If You Don’t [Do Something Desirable/Popular] Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later


•           If You Don’t Marry the Right Woman Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

•           If You Don’t Tap into Online Business Opportunities Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

•           If You Don’t Subscribe to SuhaibMohammed Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

23. The Lazy [Target Market] Way to [Something Desirable]


•           The Lazy Woman’s Way to Cook Delicious Dishes

•           The Lazy Banker’s Way to Getting More Done

•           The Lazy Writer’s Way to Creating an Epic Article Daily

 24. Do You Recognize the [Number] Early Warning Signs of [A Serious Problem]?


•           Do You Recognize the 7 Early Warning Signs of Breast Cancer?

•           Do You Recognize the 5 Early Warning Signs of Drug Addiction?

•           Do You Recognize the 3 Early Warning Signs of Lying?

25. See How Easily You Can [Achieve Desirable Result]


•           See How Easily You Can Learn to Write Today

•           See How Easily You Can Own Kia Rio

•           See How Easily You Can Become an Internet Entrepreneur

26. You Don’t Have to Be [Something Challenging] to be [Desired Result]


•           You Don’t Have to Be Handsome to Marry a Pretty Woman

•           You Don’t Have to Be a Computer Genius to Make Money Online

•           You Don’t Have to Be Famous to Generate Leads Online

27. [Do You Make These Mistakes?]


•           Do You Make These Mistakes in English?

•           Do You Make These Writing Mistakes?

•           Do You Make These Relationship Mistakes?

28. Warning: [Shocking Statement]


•           Warning: If You Depend On Government’s Jobs, You’ll Die Waiting

•           Warning: Are You Ignoring These 5 Signs of High Blood Pressure?

•           Warning: Three Out of Every 5 Employees in Your Organization Will Be Fired This Summer. Will You Be One Of Them?

29. Are You [Curious Statement]?


•           Are You Ashamed of Smells in Your House?

•           Are You Ready to Face the Daunting Challenges in the Labor Market?

•           Are You a Patriotic American?

30. [Numbers] Ways to [Do Something Beneficial]


•           20 Ways to Win at Life

•           10 Ways to Write Faster… Better

•           7 Ways to Live a Happy Life

31. The Truth About [Something]


•           The Truth About International Business

•           The Truth About Living Abroad

•           The Truth About Running Your Own Business

32. [Number] Best [Tricks,Techniques,Tips] to Fuel [or Boost] your [Something]


•           20 Best Tricks to Increase Your Blog Traffic

•           10 Best Techniques to Boost Your Health and Wellbeing

•           7 Best Tips to Hone Your Marketing Skills

33. The Ultimate [Something] Plan

[or Guide]


•           The Ultimate Window Shopping Plan

•           The Ultimate Fat Burning Plan

•           The Ultimate Relationship Guide

34. [Number] Reasons Your [Something] is Not [Doing What It’s Supposed To Do]


•           14 Reasons Your Business is Not Making a Profit

•           7 Reasons Your Diet is Not Working

•           10 Reasons Your Blog is Not Generating Traffic

35. [Topic] Mistakes Even Smart People Make


•           Gadget Shopping Mistakes Even Smart People Make

•           Money Mistakes Even Smart People Make

•           Wedding Mistakes Even Smart People Make

36. [Something Complicated] Made Simple


•           Book Publishing Made Simple

•           Website Design Made Simple

•           Easter Baking Made Simple

37. The World’s Worst [Topic] Advice


•           The World’s Worst Parenting Advice

•           The World’s Worst Relationship Advice

•           The World’s Worst Political Advice

38. [Number] Tips to [Solve a Problem] and [Achieve Desired Result]


•           5 Tips to Reduce Burnout and Improve Your Article Portfolio

•           7 Tips to Overcome Writer’s Block and Improve Your Writing Skills

•           5 Tips to Cut Spending and Improve Your Savings

39. [The Top/Top] [Number] of a Particular Problem [Prevention]


•           The Top 10 Migraine Triggers (And How to Avoid Them)

•           The Top 7 Writing Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

•           Top 3 Grammatical Errors (And How to Avoid Them)

40. The Unseen [or] Biggest Dangers of [A Problem]


•           The Unseen Dangers of Email Spam

•           The Biggest Dangers of Boyfriend Snatchers

•           The Biggest Dangers of Malware Infections

41. Join the Other [Target Market] Who are Enjoying [Some Benefits]


•           Join the Other Work-from-home Moms Who are Enjoying Success in Their Online Business

•           Join the Other Hairstylists Who are Enjoying the Boom in the Beauty Industry

•           Join the Other Freelance Writers Who are Benefiting from the Gig Economy

42. Achieve [Results/Benefit] With this [New/Secret/Exclusive Technique]


•           Achieve High Traffic With this New Blogging Technique

•           Achieve Better Results With this Exclusive Budgeting Technique

•           Achieve More Likes With this New Facebook Marketing Hack

43. Do You Know the [Niche] Secret to Increased [Results/Benefits]?


•           Do You Know Celebrities’ Secret to Increased Attraction?

•           Do You Know the Politicians’ Secret to Increased Popularity?

•           Do You Know the Bloggers’ Secret to Increased Traction?

44. What Would Your Life Look Like Without [Pain]?


•           What Would Your Life Look Like Without the Corrupt Politicians in Your State?

•           What Would Your Life Look Like Without Your Excruciating Back Pain?

•           What Would Your Life Look Like Without the Rising Cost of Real Estate Market?

45. What If You Could [Benefit/Achieve Results] in Just [Time]?


•           What If You Could Launch Your Online Business in Just a Week?

•           What If You Could Learn to Write in Just 4 Weeks?

•           What If You Could Become a Pro Blogger in Less Than Six Months?

46. Do You Want to Know How to [Benefit] by Getting Rid of [Pain]?


•           Do You Want to Know How to Discover Your Talent by Getting Rid of Your Insecurities?

•           Do You Want to Know How to Write Every Day by Getting Rid of Writer’s Block?

•           Do You Want to Know How to Read Fast by Getting Rid of Your Internet Addiction?

47. Are You Missing Out On [Benefit/Result] by Not Using [Product]?


•           Are You Missing Out on Fresh Skin by Not Using the Right Skin Care?

•           Are You Missing Out on Great Online Marketing Opportunities by Not Subscribing to NeilPatel.com?

•           Are You Missing Out on Hilarious Event by Not Attending the Basket Mouth Show?

48. Are You Getting the Best [Product]?


•           Are You Getting the Best Medical Care?

•           Are You Getting the Best Mobile Apps?

•           Are You Getting the Best Italian Shoes?

49. Don’t You Deserve a Life Free From [Pain]?


•           Don’t You Deserve a Life Free From Internet Trolls?

•           Don’t You Deserve a Life Free From Mosquito Bites?

•           Don’t You Deserve a Life Free From Dark Spots?

50. Finally, You Can Have [Benefit] and Banish [Pain]


•           Finally, You Can Have a Great Hair Cut and Banish Dandruff

•           Finally, You Can Have Your Own Car and Banish Commercial Transportation

•           Finally, You Can Have an Affordable House and Banish Spending on Rent


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