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Suhaib Mohammed is an impeccable B2C Copywriter for e-commerce startups. A fine copywriter and a columnist on top media publications, such as Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, Addicted2Success, YFS Magazine, etc, Suhaib is a pro at writing emotional blog posts, viral articles, guest posts, and high-converting copies that attract attention, drive traffic, and build businesses.

My Copywriting journey

I was lying on my couch, unemployed and confused. I had no money, so I was disturbed, really, really disturbed, and it hurt so much…

In the past, I tried searching for jobs with no luck. This time, I wanted to create it. The question was, how do I do that?

I love writing, so I started searching online, hoping I could perchance find writing jobs. Within minutes, I had landed on Elance, now Upwork, but as a Nigerian, I wasn’t sure if I could make it.

English is not my first language, I had zero experience, and we didn’t even have steady electricity to power my laptop and work in the wee hours of the morning.

Yet I insisted on building my freelance writing career and earning a living out of it. I had endured enough of the embarrassment of not putting food on the table, not taking care of my younger ones … So I started offering my writing service on Upwork, but I was barely making money because I had no experience and my writing sucked, truly sucked.

Mastering the craft

I can remember when I was a newbie writer… back in 2011.

I’d wake up early in the morning, fire up my laptop, and start searching for jobs on Elance. I’d get one or two writing jobs, but after submitting the finished product to the client, I’d get a negative response such as:

“Your articles are low quality with a lot of grammar goofs. Not paying for this!”

My inbox was filled with these emails. My profile was bombarded with negative feedback. My earnings were still $0.00. Nobody was buying my writing services, because I was not a master of my craft.

So I resigned from Upwork and got back to learning the art and science of writing. I read tons of articles and books on writing, grammar, and usage, and I got my butt in a chair every day to write and edit and proofread. I bought many content marketing courses to hone my copywriting and content marketing skills.

Five years later, I returned to the marketplace and began making over $1000 a month.

A screenshot of my monthly earnings on Upwork.

Image source: My Upwork profile

My freelance copywriting business is growing …

Seeing my success on Upwork, I launched my website and started publishing high-quality articles and promoting it through guest posting—the art of writing blog posts on popular blogs.

Within a few months, I was published on Entrepreneur.com, HuffingtonPost.com, Tech.co.com, and Addicted2Success, among others. I began getting clients from all over the world, ecommerce businesses that are willing to pay me what I’m worth.

For example, last year, a US client ordered one of my ghostwriting services through my blog, and I closed a $608 ghostwriting project!

I want to grow your online business too

I exist to help you grow. With my experience and expertise, my job is not just to write words for you, but to translate those words into dollars, feeding your online storefront with monopoly kind of content that:

·       You can’t find anywhere on the web,

·       You can use to attract your potential customers, and

·       You can use as a marketing tool—to turn readers into buyers.

Contact me today to get started!

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